Financial Institution Program: Transpay Merchant Services helps give a competitive edge to financial institutions. With our partnership, your FI will receive: Increased revenue from our generous revenue sharing program, Professional dedicated sales staff to handle branch referrals and cold calls on merchants in your current markets, Quick responses with 24/7, 365 days/yr customer and technical support, Free PCI compliant pos systems, terminals, and check reader programs, Free marketing material, Free equipment deployment, programming, and merchant training, No financial liability. Contact us for more information regarding our Financial Institution Program.

ISO & Agent Program: Transpay Merchant Services offers the best ISO/Agent program in the industry, period. With our innovative product offerings and lucrative compensation programs, there is no place that you'd rather be. $3000 Sign On Bonus, Health Benefits Plan, Point Of Sale Program, Free Credit Card Terminal & Check Reader Programs, Upfront Bonuses, Lifetime Residual Income. Contact us for more information regarding our ISO/Agent Program.

Affiliate Program: Transpay Merchant Services has the highest paying affiliate program in the credit card processing industry, period. Not only do our affiliates receive the highest payouts, each of their referred customers receive top rated service and support. Contact us for more information regarding our Affiliate Program