About Us

Mission Statement                     

Transpay Merchant Services provides innovative point of sale solutions through merchant services to help any sized business grow with limited capital outlays.


Our Passion                 

At Transpay Merchant Services, customer service is our passion. A passion that is unique in the merchant services industry. We are inspired to make a difference by delivering unparalleled service that goes beyond our customer's expectations. What we do for our customers is unique. We listen, respond, and resolve. We pride ourselves on delivering timely, accurate, and reliable products and services to assist our customers in their payment processing needs. This quality encompasses everything we do. Everyone has one goal: To achieve quality in every product and service we provide, every time. We welcome opportunities to improve. Innovative thinking, constructive criticism and risk taking are encouraged. Our success depends on our ability to listen and implement our ideas for achieving improved quality. Our best asset is our people. Aggressive growth will always be an integral part of our future. The effort it has taken to gain today's valued customer will continue as we work together as a quality team, anticipating, and responding to our customers needs and translating these ideas into finished products of exceptional value. Our approach at Transpay Merchant Services offers leading edge technology to help our customers stay ahead in the highly competitive payments industry.


Who We Are    

Headquartered in Carmel, Indiana, Transpay Merchant Services Inc. provides electronic transaction processing and merchant account management services that enable its clients to convert payment acceptance technologies into business solutions. Founded in 2002, Transpay Merchant Services leads the industry in merchant account acquisition, service and support, and deploys its payments products, services and acceptance strategies to thousands of clients. These clients process millions in credit card, debit card, check guarantee and conversion, prepaid/gift and ATM transactions monthly. As a leading point of sale dealer, Transpay Merchant Services offers high quality equipment at an affordable price for any sized business. Transpay Merchant Services has provided a guaranteed savings in merchant processing fees to thousands of businesses throughout the nation to help them remain competitive in a challenging economy. Transpay Merchant Services has innovative merchant transaction systems to reduce costs. The savings are then passed along to the business owners. The success of Transpay Merchant Services is built on face to face customer service in an era of electronic communication. Our best advantage is the personal contact we have with each and every customer. Too much business is conducted via e-mail and voicemail anymore. Many businesses appreciate our personal touch.