Cash Advance

Transpay Merchant Services provides a fast and easy way for merchants to obtain working capital by tapping into their future credit card sales volume. We purchase a set amount of a merchant’s future credit and debit card receivables. This is called the Specified Amount. In exchange for the amount of purchased Visa/MasterCard receivables, we pay you an up front Purchase Price that is wire transferred directly into your bank account.

The Transpay Funding Program Is Simple 

The your credit card processing will be set up with us.  As you batch out your Visa/MasterCard sales on a daily basis, a fixed percentage is retrieved from your credit card sales volume and forwarded to us until the amount of receivables purchased is received in full. This is called the Specified Percentage.  Transpay Is Not A Bank and the Transpay product is Not A Loan because we are not a lender, and our product is not a loan. Our program is a true purchase and sale of future credit and debit card receivables,

You Can Use The Funding For: Growing the Business, Building Inventory, Purchasing New Equipment, Marketing and Advertising, Remodeling/Expanding the Business Location, Opening a New Location, Sustaining the Business, Repairing Existing Equipment, Catching Up on Bills, or Buying Out a Partner.  A Transpay Cash Advance can be used for any legitimate business purpose!

Program Features & Benefits

No personal collateral required.  Funding is as quick as 5 to 10 working days.  If you are already setup and processing with us, you could receive an additional funding in as little as two to four business days.  Easier approval process.  No minimum payment amounts required.  There are no fixed payment amounts.  There are no penalties if retrieval of the purchased receivables takes longer than the timeframe  estimated.  There is no set time frame for retrieval.  Since the product is not a loan, it does not show on your credit history as a loan. Plus, there is no "Personal Guarantee" of payment like those associated with loans.